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Copyright by Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc., 2011
Copyright by Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc., 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will it cost anything to apply for a homeschooling curriculum award?

No, the application is free and open to all who wish to apply.
Please see the specific guidelines for eligibility.

Q: How much money will I receive after
I submit my application?

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are selected as one
of the recipients you will receive funding for Christian-based homeschool books and materials through our Curriculum
Funding Program. All eligible applicants are served on a
first-come, first-served basis.
Christian Keepers, Inc. does not distribute cash in any form.

Q: Do I have to re-apply each school year?

Yes, every applicant/family must re-apply each year and
provide their current financial statements, and other required documents. There will be no preference given to past
recipients, as all eligible applications are treated on a
first-come, first-served basis only.

Q: Can I apply more than once during a school

No, we are only able to accept one application
per family per year.

Q: Do I have to be a Christian to apply for home school books and materials from
Christian Keepers, Inc?

No, Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc. will not require
any applicant or recipient to profess to any particular religion
or religious belief,  however, please keep in mind that we only distribute books and material from Christian-based curriculum distributors in order to fulfill the mission of this Organization.

Q: How soon will I know if my application
has been accepted?

All applicants will be notified of the status of their applications within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline set each year.

Q: If my application is not accepted,
can I re-apply?

If your application is rejected for missing information or missing financial statements you will have three weeks in which to
re-submit your application for consideration.

(Please note: Since applications are treated on a first-come,
first-served basis, as long as you re-submit any missing
information within the three-week deadline, your application
will be treated from the date it was first submitted. If you,
however, fail to provide any missing information within the
three-week period, your application will be rejected if missing information is not sent it, or if we receive the information after
the three-week time period your application will be treated from the date the final information is received in our office.)

Q: Can I choose which company I want to receive our books and materials from? What if we need more funds for our homeschool curriculum, or we don't use the entire awarded amount?

Yes, each awarded recipient will receive a list of all approved Christian-based homeschool curriculum distributors, and it
will be up to each recipient to choose which distributor they
would like to receive books and materials from. Once you are
have been informed of the exact dollar amount of your family's funding award you will have control over what books and
materials you need and from which company on our distributor
list you would like to receive them from. Each recipient/family
may use up to three different approved curriculum distributors
for ordering up to the total of each awarded amount. Any
additional amount over the amount of the recipient award
which may be needed for curriculum or any other type of
materials will be the sole responsibility of each recipient/family. Any amount of curriculum funding not used within a 30-day
time frame will be forfeited, and all funds will be used to re-distribute to other eligible families.

Q. Can Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc. help my family comply with all the regulations
and laws to homeschool our children?

No, unfortunately the laws in each state vary, and it will be up
to each individual and family to be sure they are complying
with the laws set forth in their location/state. Please see our
page entitled, MORE INFORMATION, which can help
you find the right information for your state.
Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc. cannot provide
any legal services or legal advice.

Q. What is the best way to contact Christian Homeschool Fund, Inc.?

The easiest way to communicate with us is through
online contact page.

Q. Is Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc. a recognized non-profit charity?

Yes, this corporation has obtained recognition by the IRS as 
501(c)(3) non-profit charity.

Q. Why does Christian Homeschool Fund, Inc.
need my financial information when
applying for funding

We need financial documentation to see if your application
falls under the eligibility rules set forth by our Curriculum
Funding Program, and providing this information is also the
only way we can meet the expectations of accountability held
by donors, auditors and the IRS.

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