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Copyright by Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc., 2011

Copyright by Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc., 2011
Copyright by Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, Inc. 2011 

Application Eligibility Information

The Christian Keepers Homeschool Curriculum Funding Program provides Christian-based curriculum
and homeschool material funding on a nondiscretionary
basis to eligible applicants to assist in a Christian-based education of homeschool families and individuals.

The purpose of the curriculum funding is to provide
low-income families in financial need the ability to
receive and order books and materials for the purpose
of Christian-based homeschooling. The amount of
each curriculum funding will be between $300.00 and $1800.00. This number will be based on the maximum number of six (6) children allotted for each eligible
family ($300.00/per eligible child).


     Eligibility Criteria

-      To be considered for homeschool curriculum funding, you must show:

o    Critical financial need ($65,000 or less adjusted
annual gross income per family)

o    U.S. Citizen and reside in the United States

o    Applicants/students in the process or actively
pursuing a homeschool education

o    Completed application form (including all required financial documentations and at least two
references which attest to the applicant(s) need.)

Selection Process

-      The Curriculum Fund Committee will
consider these criteria in making their


o    Demonstration of financial need with required documentation. (i.e. tax statements, paycheck stubs)

o    Proof of U.S. citizenship of all eligible applicants

o    Two personal references to in order to attest to
your particular circumstances, your character, and your level of need.

o    All applications are considered on a first-come,
first-served basis


Deadline to Apply

o    Participants should apply as soon as possible after the application submission process opens through the website registration.


o    All applicants will be notified on the status of the applications within 4-6 weeks after the application deadline set each year.

Number of Awards

o    Varies - Based on the availability of funds.

Amount of Awards

o    The minimum amount each eligible student/child
will receive is $300.00/per year. The maximum
amount each family could receive in curriculum funding is $1800.00, which is based on the
maximum number of six (6) children/students
per family.

Method of Distribution and Guidelines

-       A formal letter of acceptance will be sent to each awarded recipient, which will include the following:

o    The specific amount awarded in curriculum funding

o    A complete explanation of the terms of the
curriculum funding

o    A list of all approved curriculum sources 

o    Procedure of ordering curriculum and materials

o    Process of receiving ordered curriculum and how
to handle returns and/or exchanges in material

o    Procedures and guidelines if the terms of the
award are violated or forfeited

All curriculum funds are paid directly to an
approved homeschool curriculum distributor
the recipient has chosen and no monies are paid directly to a student and/or family of an eligible applicant. Any excess of funds are redistributed towards other eligible applicants. Any return of homeschool materials, books and supplies shall be refunded entirely back to Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund, and will be used for the sole purpose of re-ordering materials, books and
supplies within a 30-day time frame. 


       If the applicant does not use these set funds within
the 30-day time frame, the applicant forfeits any amount not used. All forfeited amounts will be
used for the sole purpose of redistribution to other eligible applicants. No applicant will be allowed
to apply for any additional funding within the same calendar year, including any recipient which may
have forfeited any amount of curriculum funding.
All records of curriculum funds paid out will be kept securely and accurately in the company’s data base.

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