Christian Keepers Homeschool Fund is a PUBLIC non-profit corporation organized exclusively for religious purposes and as a charitable organization supporting education.

Specifically, Christian Keepers will be granting educational funding to eligible low-income families to help provide books and materials for a Christian-based homeschool education. The goal of Christian Keepers as a charitable organization is to enrich families through Christ and help build strong future generations who glorify God through a Christian education.

Each year more and more parents across the nation and worldwide are choosing to homeschool their children. One of the biggest reason parents chose to homeschool is for religious purposes. Many parents specifically want their children to be educated with Christian values and morals, but that is not the way education is projected in the public school systems. As a result, parents are choosing alternative options to educate their children, including private schools and homeschool. Unfortunately, even though parents may want a Christian education for their children, they simply cannot afford any other option but public school.

Please see our Statement of Faith and Who We Are

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